RD-ACTION Workshop Co-organised with EMA and DG Sante


‘How ERNs can provide added-value in the area of clinical research’


  • Conclusions and Next Steps from the workshop ‘How ERNs can provide added value in the area of clinical research’

    • This document highlights the main discussion points and suggestions around each of our 4 debate topics:

      • What sorts of activities under the heading of ‘clinical research’ will ERNs engage in, and what are the advantages of the ERN structure?
      • What opportunities exist under current EMA structures and resources presented on Day 1, and how might ERNs engage with these?
      • Identifying concrete roles and recommended practices to involve patients in the various types of ERN-related Clinical Research
      • How can ERNs generate/link/exchange data to support the planning and execution of clinical trials and studies?


Practical Resources