The EUROPLAN National Conference took place on 9-10 February 2018 in Rome. UNIAMO, the Italian National Alliance for Rare Diseases, was the organiser.

UNIAMO set up three working groups to specifically work on the three following themes and report their conclusions at the EUROPLAN conference:
– ERNs – European Reference Networks
– PDTAs – Diagnostic and Therapeutic Care Pathways
– Integration of Rare Diseases in Social Policies and Services

Italy is a regionalised country and relevant cooperation in the field of rare diseases needs to be reinforced between the national and regional level. Italy’s healthcare system includes interesting initiatives such as, for instance, the “National Coordinating and Monitoring Body for the development of ERNs” as well as PDTAs.

The participants, from various stakeholders’ groups, discussed and agreed on a set of important recommendations for health and social care to be integrated in the 2018-2020 Italian National Plan for Rare Diseases.

As emphasised in the report, “the new planning must absolutely integrate social and healthcare issues, to encourage a comprehensive management of RD patients and ensure their actual social inclusion”.

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State of the Art Report on Rare Diseases / Italy: