Description of the report

From 2012-2015, the ‘State of the Art’ Report was published annually, in 5 volumes, under the EUCERD Joint Action (past volumes are available here)

In 2016, the Resource on the State of the Art of Rare Disease Activities in Europe migrated to RD-ACTION.

The streamlined State of the Art Resource comprises the following components:

  • An Overview Report (summarizing key European RD policy-related watersheds and documents; the status quo in Europe regarding national plans and strategies; highlights on transversal topics such as registries, genetic testing, research; summaries of the RD policy frameworks of non-European countries (based upon the OrphaNews newsletter; highlights of RD institutions such as Orphanet and EURORDIS; and more)
  • Country-specific data relating to rare disease activities at the national level (including summaries, more detailed reports, and archived information)
  • Topic Summaries will be elaborated under the Rare2030 project on issues including the following:  the Status Quo of National Plans and Strategies for Rare Diseases in Europe; Newborn Screening; Centres of Expertise; and rare disease Registries. Once the last remaining countries have submitted their data completed table of EUCERD Core Indicators for National Plans/Strategies will be published here

The Country-Specific Data will continue to be collected after the end of the RD-ACTION funding period, led by Newcastle University and supported (partially) by Rare2030 (https://www.rare2030.eu/)  

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